Effects of Covid 19    

Update from Uganda    Sept 2020

We are still in lockdown here and trusting God to keep us safe through this terrible situation. Many carrying mothers have had their babies during this time and I am busy trying to help them.  I have run out of the baby clothes that you brought from Trentham Church and we were very grateful for them, but new mothers keep coming to me to request clothes for their babies and I have nothing to give these needy mothers.  

Many young girls have become pregnant during this time, but I thank God that the Rock of Joy children are safe and free from that.  I have tried to help with some of my clothes and my own children’s things that no longer fit them. Many of these mothers have no mattresses for their children and nowhere to lie their new babies as well as no clothes and even their food is not clean due to the situation and shortages.  I have given some mosquito nets which The Kabanda Trust has given us to help with their safety from malaria. 

Some of these people now have no work but they could do some small business, but they lack capital to start something.  Organisations here who could do a loan want security and their interest is high, if people have not security and high interest it scares them to risk getting loans.  If we had a little money, we could make loans with very low or no interest and it would help mothers at least to improve the well-being of their families.  

Many families here are challenged in their well-being, families are breaking every day because of poverty and lack of what to eat in this situation, especially in this area where people don’t have any space to grow food. Men are killing themselves and also some choose to kill their wives other have burnt the whole family home because they don’t have hope or anything in this Covid time. 

We have tried to help some people, but the demand is on every day, others we have to just ignore because we have nothing to help with and you can’t help all.  On top of that there are many pregnancies with young ladies and no help from the responsible men.  If we could stand with some of these mothers and help to complete their maternity alive and safely it would be a blessing. 

I pray to God to open up his heaven and intervene in this challenging pandemic season to help his people.  Our government helped some small things, but the demand was high so that now many people are still waiting for food.  

But we appreciate all the love and care from The Kabanda Trust and we are still alive and smiling.  

With love ,

Gladys Kimbowa