We are sorry that we have not been able to keep you updated for the last few months. This is due to our Administrator having been unwell for a considerable time with Covid-19. In mid-January, there were Presidential elections in Uganda which caused considerable political upheaval. Until the last week, the government had shut down internet access.  We are now beginning to be able to communicate with Rock of Joy again and will bring you the latest news from the school and community as soon as we can.  

Watch this space ! 

Uganda has been in lockdown since March which means that many people have lost their sources of income and they have no government back up as we have in the UK.  This hits the poorest very hard and prices have risen everywhere.  Schools and public transport have been closed which has provided a challenge for us as we have been concerned that they are able to continue to pay their teachers.  (Their salaries are usually covered by the income generated by the buses the school owns). Thank you to everyone who has responded to our Recent Newsletter and News from Rock of Joy.  As a result, we have so far been able to continue sending them money to pay the school staff and to provide help for a number of pregnant ladies.  As well as this food parcels have been supplied to 50 families who they identified as   We are exploring ways to provide ongoing support during this crisis

Email: admin@thekabandatrust.org.uk